We would like our customers to know a little about our business philosophy- what we are and what we are not. The founder started this business without a dime 30 years ago by literally going door to door. He learned the most important thing in business is building long term relationships and not just looking for the quick sale. Service has seemed to just disappear these days.  Most people and companies cut out early for holidays or use any other excuse to get out of work. We have always been there for our customers 24/7. Just try and see how many company owners you can reach on a weekend or evening. Unlike so many companies on the internet who never provide their address, we have always provided our address. Most company owners have people screen their calls either because they don’t want to talk to their customer or they just feel their time is too important to talk to customers. We have a no screen policy. If a customer wants the owner, the customer gets the owner no questions asked. We will even provide the owners direct cell phone number.  Today it seems that most people and companies build there work around their lifestyle. We feel that one should build their lifestyle around their work.

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